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Wipro Technical interviews.

Technical Interview set-1:

Provide an algorithm to reverse a linked list without using recursion.
Differentiate between C and C++.
What is the usage of transponders?
What are the different memories you know about? Which of them takes the shortest access time?

Technical interview set-2:

What are the different replacement policies ?
Define Zombie process. How is it different from orphan process?
What is a semaphore? What are the different types of semaphores?
Define a good platform along with its qualities.
Define red-black trees.
What is the procedure to insert into a sorted array?

Technical interview set-3:

What is a web server? What are the load limits in it?
Devise a program to sort an array using bubble sort.
What is piggy backing?
Given an array of integers, devise a program to replace every element with the next greatest element on the right side in the array. Also, replace the last element with 5 as there no element on the right side of it.
What is garbage collection in Java?

Technical interview set-4:

What are pointers in C? Give an example where to illustrate their significance.
What is HTTP? Give some of its methods.
Briefly describe a B+ tree. What is bulk loading in it?
What are literals in C++?
Describe the merge sort principle and what will be its time complexity?
What happens when a thrown exception is not handled?

Technical interview set-5:

Describe different types of networks.
Differentiate between calloc and malloc.
What is difference between UNIX and Linux?
Differentiate between RAM and ROM.
What is normalization? Describe its different types.
How would you use user_contraints table in DB?
What is meant by JVM? Is JVM platform independent or not?
What is the usage of OLE?

Technical interview set-6:

Write a program to know whether the input number is an armstrong number.
Explain the concepts involved in Object Oriented programming.
Define data warehousing.
How will you sort the elements of array in descending order?
Write a program to reverse a string.
Differentiate between static and dynamic modeling.
What do you mean by DOM?

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