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RRB Question Papers with Answers.

Qs.1: PH value of NACL?

Ans : 7

Qs.2: Limonite is ore for which element?

Ans : Iron

Qs.3: Which state is the biggest producer of clove in India?

Ans : Kerala

Qs.4: In which period, group element 57 fall in periodic table?

Ans : Lanthanum is a chemical element with symbol La and atomic number 57. It is in the 6th period and in the 3rd group.

Qs.5: Rate of doing work is called?

Ans : Power

Qs.6: In how many years rajya sabha elections are held?

Ans : Rajya Sabha is a permanent House and is not subject to dissolution. However, one-third Members of Rajya Sabha retire after every second year. A member who is elected for a full term serves for a period of six years.

Qs.7: भारत केवत मान धानमं कौनी ह (PM of India)

Ans : Narendra Modi

Qs.8: Which gas was spread during the Bhopal gas tragedy?

Ans : Methyl Isocyanate (MIC) gas

Qs.9: अ लो का राजा कसेकहा जाता है(King of Acid)


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Ans : स य ूरक ए सड (Sulphuric Acid). Formula: H2SO4

Qs.10: Where is Visakhapatnam located?

Ans : Andhra Pradesh.

Qs.11: Which is the lightest gas?

Ans : Hydrogen

Qs.12: What is the scientific name of chloroform?

Ans : Trichloromethane

Qs.13: Who is the CEO of Apple?

Ans : Tim Cook

Qs.14: Which is the cleanest railway station in India?

Ans : Beas, Vizag

Qs.15: What is the unit of Pressure?

Ans : Pascal

Qs.16: Which one is true 9/16>13/24, 9/16<13/24, 9/16=13/24?

Ans : 9/16 >13/24

Qs.17: X have 25000 rupees. If he spend 20% of money in something and then 30% of remaining in other thing so how much he left?

Ans : 14000

Qs.18: How many muscles are there in Human body?

Ans : 650

Qs.19: Who won the man Booker Prize 2017?


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Ans : George Saunders for Lincoln in the Bardo

Qs.20: What is the name of Chandragupta Maurya’s son?

Ans : Bindusara

Qs.21: Which is the 100th smart city in the list?

Ans : Shillong

Qs.22: Who played Alauddin Khilji in Padmavati?

Ans : Ranveer Singh

Qs.23: Which place called as Pahado ki Rani?

Ans : Mussoorie

Qs.24: What countries are involved in Maitree 2018?

Ans : India and Thailand.

Qs.25: What is bone to bone connective tissue?

Ans : Ligament

Qs.26: Who is the prime minister of France?

Ans : Edouard Philippe

Qs.27: What is measured with the Hydrometer?

Ans : Relative density of liquids

Qs.28: Which city received the best city award?

Ans : Pune

Qs.29: X have 25000 rs if he repair 20 %of money in something and 30 % in other thing so how much he left?

Ans : 6000


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Qs.30: Who is the Sports Minister of India?

Ans : Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore

Qs.31: Who is the Governor of Bihar?

Ans : Lalji Tandon

Qs.32: Who has hot blood?

Ans : Birds and Mammals

Qs.33: Who was the UEFA player of the year in football?

Ans : Lionel Messi

Qs.34: Oscars was held in which country?

Ans : U.S.A

Qs.35: Where is zygote developed

Ans : Blastocyst

Qs.36: What was the day on 21 January 1988?

Ans : Thursday

Qs.37: Who is the CM of Odisha?

Ans : Naveen Patnaik

Qs.38: Where is the heart placed in the human body?

Ans : Mid line with the apex pointing towards the left side.


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Qs.39: Who will lead the joint session of Lok Sabha speaker and deputy speaker are absent?

Ans : Deputy Chairman

Qs.40: Odd one out among crow, duck, monkey, squirrel

Ans : Duck

Qs.41: Who inaugurated Indian Post Payment bank?

Ans : Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Qs.42: What is the reason for flexibility in trees?

Ans : xylem and phloem

Qs.43: Which company prepared 900 Billion Valuation treaty after Apple? – Facebook, Walmart, Amazon, Google

Ans : Amazon

Qs.44: In which state Champaran Andolan held?

Ans : Bihar

Qs.44: Molecular mass of HNO3?

Ans : 63.01 g/mol

Qs.45: What is the number of Sulphur in Periodic Table?

Ans : 16

Qs.46: In which state is Visakhapatnam situated?

Ans : Andhra Pradesh

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