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L & T Technical Interview Questions.

L & T Infotech GD Topics:
Religion is a private affair.
Should prostitution be legalized in India.
100 days under Modi government.
We will never be a corruption free society.

Technical Interview set-1:

Explain top-n analysis in DBMS.
Explain different file system of database management system.
Explain different concepts of C/C++.
WAP on how to sort the elements of an array in log (n) /n2 / n / 1 complexity.

Technical interview set-2:

What is Object Oriented Programming features?
What is the difference between Java and C++?
What is the difference between C & C++?
What is the difference between C# and C++?
What is data structure?
What is operator loading and polymorphism?
What is a copy constructor?
What is a class?
What is the difference between a structure and a class?
What is primary key?
What is the difference between primary key and unique key?
What are the advantages of using OOPS?
What is recursion?

Technical interview set-3:

What stresses can a beam experience?
What is the minimum diameter of longitudinal bar of a column?
State the steel beam theory.
What is the shape of the curve that depicts distribution of shear intensity over a rectangular section of beam?
What is the minimum head room required over a stair?

Technical interview set-4:

Questions from C/C++
Intermediate geometry questions like geometric puzzles based on concepts like angles subtended at particular point when line intersecting 2 parallel line and one of angles given
How many circles can be drawn around a circle touching it
What are the various levels of testing
Can you Explain a Bug life cycle
What kind of test cases will you suggest for an ATM machine
Can you explain how a build comes, and who installs it?

Technical interview set-5:

Write a program to reverse a linked list?
What conditions are necessary for a deadlock?
Explain the concept of paging and segmentation.
Difference between primary, foreign, candidate & super key?

Technical interview set-6:

What do you mean by constant time complexity?
What do you mean by hashing?
Write an SQL query to obtain the 2nd highest salary.
What is the function of DML Compiler?


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