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Infosys Interview Questions.

Excerpts from Interview #1:

What is your strong point in terms of technical knowledge? Like JAVA, C, C++.
What is inheritance? What are the different types of inheritance?
What are any two the differences between C++ and Java?
How modularity is present in C++?
How abstraction and encapsulation complementary?
What is a linked list?
Differentiate between Arrays and Linked List.
What is the difference between array and pointer?
Some discussion about my hobbies. Which one is your favorite & why? What does it teach you?
Why are you not pursuing dance or basketball as your career? (I mentioned dance & basketball as my hobbies).
Tell me one real time situation where you have emerged as a Leader?

Excerpts from Interview #2:

What do you mean by platform independence?
What do you know about Unix and DOS?
Do you know about different level of languages?
What is the word used for virtual machine in JAVA? How is it implemented?
List different advantages of DBMS
What is the process of inheriting variable of one class to other class?
What are tokens in C++? What are its different types?
Why have you applied at Infosys?
Tell us about the company and its positioning as compared to its competitors?
What makes you stand out against all the other candidates?
Do you have any question for us?

Excerpts from Interview #3:

List out the areas in which data structures are applied extensively?
Difference between Class and Struct.
What is the difference between white box, black box, and gray box testing?
Tell us about the three levels of data abstraction? Which layer is at the user end?
Give different types of software model. Which model is best amongst them?
Write a program in C to swap two numbers without using a third variable.
Describe yourself.
Where would you like to work: software developing or software testing?
Why do you want to work at our company?
Why should we prefer you to other candidates?
What technical/functional areas interest you most? What would you be passionate about working on? Why?

Excerpts from Interview #4:

What are the various steps involved in Life cycle’s Development?
What do you know about IPv4 and IPv6? Differentiate between them.
What is difference and similarity between C and C++ ?
Define polymorphism.
Differentiate between ‘a’ and “a”.
What is preprocessor?
Write a program to decide whether the input number is a prime number or not.
What is the difference between Char and Varchar in DBMS?
Difference between Macro and ordinary definition.
Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
What is your biggest achievement till now?
Tell us about your ultimate goal in life.
Discuss the most stressful situation you’ve faced in college life.
What personal attributes do you have that will help you succeed in the work place?

Excerpts from Interview #5:

What is a pointer in C? What is its use?
Tell us the difference between C & embedded C.
Explain the most recent project you have worked on (from resume).
Write a program to decide whether the input number is a perfect number or not.
Give different modulation techniques.
What is a Real Time OS.?
What is implicit cursor?
Why do you think you are fit for our organization?
You had to wait for more than 5 hours for the interview. Are you feeling tired?
Tell me how was your online test?
What is your father’s occupation? What is his job location?
Who is your role model? What have you incorporated in your life from him/her?
Do you live in a hostel or at home?

Excerpts from Interview #6:

What is a Zener diode? What is its use?
Difference between TCP and UDP.
Draw the circuit of a low pass filter? Where is its significance?
What is an IC? What is its importance?
Define VLSI technology.
Differentiate between LCD & LED screens.
What is the main function of a data link content monitor?
What are the communications lines best suited to interactive processing applications?
Introduce yourself and tell us something apart from the Resume.
Do you have an offer from any other organization?
Why do you want to work for us? Where do you see yourself in 8-10 years from now?
How would you describe your college life?
What are your strengths and weaknesses? What are you doing to overcome your weaknesses?
Mention a person who is your role model in life.
Where do you rate yourself (out of 10) as an engineer?

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